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Unknown Illness Case Study: Mpox

Author Chandana Balasubramanian , 25-Jul-2023

The Unknown Illness Case Study: Mpox Lesson Plan by GIDEON is designed to foster differential diagnosis and critical thinking skills in medical students, encouraging them to delve deeper into their inquiries rather than accepting the most apparent answers at face value. The lesson uses a case study of a 32-year-old British male presenting with a headache, mild cough, and genital rash, but without fever or chills. This real-world scenario allows students to understand the complexity and intricacies of diagnosing diseases like mpox.


The lesson leads students through a detailed differential diagnosis, urging them to consider all possible explanations for the patient’s symptoms. The importance of thorough patient history and examination is emphasized, reinforcing the fact that a patient’s sexual history can often provide crucial clues in cases like these.


Through these interactive and thought-provoking exercises, students gain a comprehensive understanding of mpox, its common misdiagnoses, and the significance of a meticulous approach to differential diagnosis. By the end of this lesson, students will have the knowledge and skills necessary to identify and manage similar scenarios in their future medical practice.


About the Lesson Plan

This Lesson Features:

  • Lesson Outcomes & Goals
  • Lesson Overview
  • Directions for Educators
  • Group Discussion Questions
  • Clinical Scenario
  • Students’ Worksheets
  • Differential Diagnosis Answer Keys
  • GIDEON Walkthrough
Chandana Balasubramanian

Chandana Balasubramanian is an experienced healthcare executive who writes on the intersection of healthcare and technology. She is the President of Global Insight Advisory Network, and has a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.