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Unknown Illness Case Study: Escherichia Coli

Author Chandana Balasubramanian , 10-Jan-2024

The “Unknown Illness: Escherichia coli” lesson plan by GIDEON aims to educate students about E. coli infections. It includes learning outcomes like understanding symptoms, transmission, and prevention of E. coli infections. The lesson involves a case study analysis to identify the cause of illness and propose preventive measures.


Key elements include understanding the spread of infection, identifying at-risk groups, and reviewing notable E. coli diarrhea outbreaks. Students engage in post-activity questions about E. coli misdiagnoses, challenges in treatment, and the role of public health in controlling outbreaks.


The lesson emphasizes the importance of patient history, differential diagnosis, and lab tests for accurate diagnosis and treatment.


About the Lesson Plan

This Lesson Features:

  • Learning Objectives & Key Outcomes
  • Comprehensive Lesson Summary
  • Instructor’s Guide & Tips
  • Interactive Group Discussions & Questions
  • Case Study Analysis
  • Student Activity Sheets
  • Solutions for Differential Diagnosis
  • GIDEON Platform Tutorial
Chandana Balasubramanian

Chandana Balasubramanian is an experienced healthcare executive who writes on the intersection of healthcare and technology. She is the President of Global Insight Advisory Network, and has a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.