Evidence based editorial process

GIDEON database is maintained by a team of experienced medical scientists, following a rigorous Evidence-Based process

Evidence Gathering

GIDEON monitors and collects data from National Health Ministry reports, peer-reviewed journals, and periodicals, texts, monographs, international convention abstracts, WHO, CDC, ProMED, and Euro-Surveillance publications; and a daily search of all relevant publications through PubMed.

All sources used by GIDEON are peer-reviewed and backed by scientific evidence.

Evidence selection

GIDEON is committed to providing reliable and relevant data to help combat Infectious Disease.

The editorial team prioritizes well-analyzed studies that will add immediate value in clinical and educational settings.

Critical appraisal

Selected publications are critically reviewed by a team of highly regarded medical scientists which includes practicing physicians and microbiologists. All content is reviewed for validity and relevance.

Daily updates

GIDEON database is updated daily, and often multiple times in a given day.

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