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Imagine having convenient access to data on hundreds of diseases, drugs, and bacteria from across the world, dating back to the 1920s. GIDEON is your trusted research assistant for infectious diseases. Learn about thousands of outbreaks, diseases, drugs, and more on one platform — so you spend less time searching and more time gaining insights.

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GIDEON gives you the latest data on infectious diseases at your fingertips. Even better, with the GIDEON API, you get a direct feed of continuously-updated data to your own research tools.

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Each core feature of GIDEON contains smaller features specifically designed for a wide variety of research and analysis requirements.

Discover our extensive Database

Discover a massive epidemiological database – with outbreaks going back to 1348 AD. Also available for programmatic integration via our API.

Compare diseases

Generate side-by-side comparison tables of user-selected infectious diseases, drugs, and pathogens.

Analyse and Identify

Use Bayesian analysis to identify and compare 2,000+ medically important bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts, and algae.

View maps and customize charts

Access 28,000+ outbreak maps for 360 diseases. Compare and customize 39,000+ epidemiological graphs. Get vaccine coverage maps. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

We aim to make your work as simple and accessible as possible. Find answers to common questions about our platform below.

What time span does GIDEON cover?

GIDEON data goes back to 1348 AD

Most diseases are covered from the 1920s.

There are smallpox graphs that start in the 1880s to 1890s (Egypt and Japan), and outbreaks are covered from as early as 1348 (plague).

Other diseases with a broad historical coverage include anthrax (1770), botulism (1793), cholera (1832), and dengue (1850).

How often is GIDEON updated?

GIDEON is updated every day by a team of highly regarded medical scientists.

What is GIDEON’s editorial process?

GIDEON database is maintained by a team of experienced medical scientists, following a rigorous Evidence-Based approach.

GIDEON is built on Evidence-Based Medicine through a multi-step process.

1. Evidence gathering

GIDEON monitors and collects data from National Health Ministry reports, peer-reviewed journals, and periodicals, texts, monographs, international convention abstracts, WHO, CDC, ProMED, and Euro-Surveillance publications; and a daily search of all relevant publications through PubMed. All sources used by GIDEON are peer-reviewed and backed by scientific evidence.

2. Evidence selection

GIDEON is committed to providing reliable and relevant data to help combat Infectious Disease. The editorial team prioritizes well-analyzed studies that will add immediate value in clinical and educational settings.

3. Critical appraisal

Selected publications are critically reviewed by a team of highly regarded medical scientists which includes practicing physicians and microbiologists. All content is reviewed for validity and relevance.

4. Data entry

As new findings are added, existing data are expanded, and edited for brevity as necessary. GIDEON makes extensive use of in-text citations, allowing users to view, navigate to, or download all source information, and reach their own conclusions regarding the credibility of those sources if needed.

At the time of writing, the GIDEON database contains over 250,000 references.

5. Daily updates

GIDEON database is updated daily, and often multiple times in a given day.

How can I retrieve raw data from GIDEON?

The easiest way to get access to the ‘raw data’ is by using our REST API service.

GIDEON API is a new service that allows for programmatic data retrieval and processing. Its JSON output is compatible with R.

Our API documentation with examples can be found here.

How to get access to the API?
Access to the API is included in the institutional subscription package or a custom data licensing agreement. Contact kristina@gideononline.com to request it.

Which scientific journals are resources for GIDEON?

GIDEON uses a multitude of authoritative sources to continuously update its database.
Scientific journals’ list includes publications such as Annals of Internal Medicine, JAMA, Journal of Infectious Disease, Lancet, British Medical Journal, and many others.

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