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GIDEON Helps International SOS Protect Travelers From Disease Outbreaks

Our team uses GIDEON to get credible data to compile information about outbreaks and understand whether a disease is endemic or not in an area.

Prabha Xaxa, MD
Deputy Medical Director at International SOS

International SOS has been saving lives for over 35 years. The company protects global teams from health and security threats. After the pandemic began, they have been tasked with anticipating and safeguarding their clients from health-related threats, like infectious diseases. They offer over 11,000 experts in over 1,000 global locations to provide round-the-clock support.

The Challenge


Unfortunately, a small outbreak can transform into a worldwide disaster in less than a week. The COVID-19 pandemic is a prime example. Such emerging infectious diseases are deadly because they cause widespread devastation before they are accurately diagnosed and treated.

For international travelers, the stakes are high. Based on the pathogen, symptoms can take anywhere from a week to even a month to appear. Suppose companies do not inform their teams about outbreaks in time. In that case, employees may unknowingly infect many more people as they travel. Also, without timely diagnosis and treatment, they may be at a higher risk of experiencing severe illness or even death.

The GIDEON Solution


The GIDEON database helps International SOS get in-depth information about disease-specific outbreaks. This way, they can elevate their support services for their customers.

“[GIDEON helps us in] finding the history and prevalence of a disease in different countries. Charts are also helpful to see disease progression within a specified time,” says Xaxa.

GIDEON – the Global Infectious Diseases Epidemiology Online Network – is a comprehensive database of infectious diseases and a proud partner for epidemiology research worldwide.

GIDEON’s geographical pathogen distribution database documents 360+ Infectious Diseases with over 23,700 country-specific notes and in-depth analysis of global disease spread

GIDEON data on historical outbreaks go back to 1348 AD, offering researchers unparalleled insight
GIDEON Advantages
REST API with R wrapper for streamlined data modeling

GIDEON API is designed to help researchers retrieve data programmatically, especially useful when working with data modeling. Epidemiologists can easily query the database using a familiar R environment.

Interactive maps

GIDEON renders interactive maps of disease distribution and outbreaks.

Millions of data points, covering 235 geographical areas

GIDEON provides an in-depth analysis of global disease spread. The database provides information on 25,000+ historical outbreaks and cross-border events, 85,000+ surveys, and 23,700+ country-specific notes.

Updated every day by a team of experts

GIDEON is curated by a team of highly regarded medical scientists who are updating the database daily.