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Jeopardy! Animal Diseases

Author Chandana Balasubramanian , 10-Jan-2024

The “Jeopardy! Animal Diseases” lesson plan from GIDEON is an innovative and interactive educational tool designed to enhance students’ understanding of various animal diseases. It employs a game-based learning approach, modeled after the popular Jeopardy game show, to make the learning process more engaging and memorable.


This lesson plan not only provides students with fundamental knowledge about animal diseases but also encourages them to think critically and apply their learning in a competitive and fun environment. The plan includes a variety of game categories and questions, tailored to cover a broad spectrum of topics related to animal diseases, thus ensuring a comprehensive learning experience.


About the Lesson Plan

This Lesson Features:

  • Educational Objectives & Learning Outcomes
  • Detailed Lesson Summary
  • Instructions for Facilitators
  • Engaging Group Discussion Questions
  • Jeopardy-Style Game Setup
  • Worksheets for Students
  • Answer Keys for Game Questions
  • Guide to Using the GIDEON Database
Chandana Balasubramanian

Chandana Balasubramanian is an experienced healthcare executive who writes on the intersection of healthcare and technology. She is the President of Global Insight Advisory Network, and has a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.