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Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs): Game Taboo

Author Chandana Balasubramanian , 26-Jun-2023

The Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs) Diagnostic Lesson Plan by GIDEON aims to empower students with the ability to identify and comprehend common microorganisms that cause HAIs. Students engage in a stimulating activity, a game of microbiology Taboo, using specially crafted cards that depict common microbes and related taboo words.


In addition to this activity, students are encouraged to participate in guided discussions on essential topics such as the significance of understanding HAIs, the potential dangers if untreated, and the strategies healthcare professionals can implement to minimize the risk of HAIs. This approach ensures a well-rounded comprehension of HAIs and their impact in healthcare settings.

About the Lesson Plan

This Lesson Features:

  • Lesson Outcomes & Goals
  • Lesson Overview
  • Estimated Time & Materials
  • Discussion Questions
  • Activity
  • HAIs Taboo Cards
  • Post-Game Discussion & Answer Key
    • About Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)
    • HAIs Quick Stats
    • Answers to Discussion Questions
  • GIDEON Walkthrough
Chandana Balasubramanian

Chandana Balasubramanian is an experienced healthcare executive who writes on the intersection of healthcare and technology. She is the President of Global Insight Advisory Network, and has a Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA.