Case Study, Public Health, Real World Example

Disease Spread & Epidemics

Author Kimberly Hazel , 02-Sep-2022

The Disease Spread & Epidemics Lesson Plan is designed to help students understand the processes of how diseases spread. The lesson provides a wealth of information and activities that engage students.



About the Lesson Plan

The activities in the lesson plan focus on researching specific infectious diseases.  Each activity also includes an educator’s guide providing step-by-step instructions and resources. In instances where the activity can not be completed as described, there are alternative or supplemental activities for students.

A case study on Ebola is also found in this lesson. The case study focuses on epidemiological investigations during disease spread & epidemics, specifically looking at the spread of Ebola in Western Africa. Students will create a disease timeline and epidemiologic charts during the case study. The case study also includes discussion questions for use in the classroom or on a discussion board.

This Lesson Features:

  • Lesson Outcomes & Overview
  • Infectious Diseases Chart Activity
  • Discussion Questions
  • Explore Module Walkthrough
  • Disease Spread Activity & Alternate Video
  • Ebola Case Study
  • Supplemental Activity
  • Quantify Module Walkthrough


GIDEON Modules Highlighted in the Lesson:

This lesson plan uses GIDEON’s Explore Module to provide information on infectious diseases and their outbreaks. This information includes the history of the disease, clinical information, and epidemiological data. This module provides a comprehensive overview of each disease, which is beneficial for teaching about disease spread and its effects.

GIDEON’s Quantify Module is also used in this lesson plan to demonstrate examples of epidemiological charts. Using this module, users can craft charts that compare disease cases, case rates, death rates, and more. Users can also compare one country to another or diseases to diseases within the same country or across borders.

Kimberly Hazel