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Vector-Borne Diseases

Author Kimberly Hazel , 20-Sep-2022

The Vector-borne Diseases Lesson Plan by GIDEON immerses students in the study of illnesses transmitted by vectors like mosquitoes and ticks. Learners will harness GIDEON’s extensive resources to research a range of vector-borne diseases, deepening their understanding of these illnesses and their impact on public health.


A pivotal component of the lesson involves students applying their newfound knowledge to create impactful public service announcements (PSAs). These PSAs aim to educate the public on prevention and control strategies for vector-borne diseases, showcasing how scientific data can be transformed into powerful communication tools. Additionally, the lesson facilitates discussions on the ecological importance of vectors, strategies to mitigate mosquito-borne disease risks, and the global efforts to manage vector populations. By the end of this lesson, students will not only have a thorough understanding of vector-borne diseases but also experience in how public health messages are crafted and disseminated to prevent disease spread.



About the Lesson Plan

This Lesson Features:

  • Lesson Outcomes & Overview
  • Initial Discussion
  • Getting to Know Vectors Chart Activity & Discussion Questions
  • Explore Module Walkthrough
  • Creating a PSA for a Vector-borne Disease Activity & Discussion Questions with Alternate Activity Format
  • Supplemental Activity

Each activity also includes an educator’s guide providing step-by-step instructions and resources.

GIDEON Module Highlighted in the Lesson:

This lesson plan uses GIDEON’s Explore Module to provide information on infectious diseases and their outbreaks. This information includes the history of the disease, clinical information, and epidemiological data. This module provides a comprehensive overview of each disease, which is beneficial for teaching about disease spread and its effects.

Kimberly Hazel