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Case Study: Spanish Flu

Author Kimberly Hazel , 20-Sep-2022

The Spanish Flu Case Study Lesson Plan is designed to help students understand more about Spanish Flu. It offers a comprehensive exploration into the 1918 influenza pandemic, which stands as one of the most catastrophic events in human history. Students will engage with GIDEON’s detailed database to uncover the Spanish Flu’s origins, debunking the misconception of its Spanish origin and examining theories suggesting its start in the United States, China, or the Western Front of World War I. This case study emphasizes the pandemic’s global impact, responsible for an estimated 50 million deaths worldwide, and investigates the factors contributing to its severity and the societal responses it provoked.


Key learning outcomes include understanding the pandemic’s historical context during World War I, its progression across three waves with the second wave being particularly deadly, and the natural and possible viral mutations that led to its decline. Students are encouraged to discuss the implications of naming diseases, the stigmatization associated with such names, and the parallels and lessons applicable to contemporary and future pandemics, including COVID-19. Through this lesson, students will gain insights into the complexities of pandemic response, the importance of accurate disease information, and the ongoing challenge of infectious diseases in global health.



About the Lesson Plan

The activities in the lesson plan focus on researching and understanding the disease. The case studies feature both student sheets as well as educator sheets.

This Lesson Features:

  • Case Student Sheet
  • Case Activity Sheet for Educators
  • Explore Module Walkthrough


GIDEON Modules Highlighted in the Lesson:

This lesson plan uses GIDEON’s Explore Module to provide information on infectious diseases and their outbreaks. This information includes the history of the disease, clinical information, and epidemiological data. This module provides a comprehensive overview of each disease, which is beneficial for teaching about disease spread and its effects.

Kimberly Hazel