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Best Practices for Disinfecting

Author Kristina Symes , 24-Apr-2020

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If you are one of those people who think you need to scrub down everything after an outing, here’s some good news…you can save some of that disinfectant. GIDEON’s co-founder Dr. Stephen Berger provided practical advice about what items should be disinfected in your home. [Spoiler alert: It’s not your keys, money, or credit cards!] 

Here’s what Dr. Berger had to say to HealthDay

“We are all swimming through an invisible swamp of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Those bookshelves and those pictures on the wall are teeming with ugly microbes. Not to mention your cellular phone, wristwatch, eyeglasses, and everything else in your world.”

But he did explain that there’s no need to scrub everything down once you return from outside. 

“The good news is that you are in no danger from most of this,” Dr. Berger said. “And you have no reason to compulsively avoid, or even clean, every object in your personal world. With one exception: your own hands!”

Proper handwashing is what the experts have stressed from the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic and a message that Dr. Berger, who is double board-certified in infectious diseases and clinical microbiology, reinforces.

You can read the entire article here

The GIDEON Difference

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