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Bioterrorism Simulator

Several aspects of GIDEON are relevant to the field of Bioterror, including Diagnosis, Simulation, Syndromic Surveillance, Communications, Therapy, Vaccines and Microbiology.

The diagnosis module is based on a Bayesian matrix designed for decision support or simulation of all infectious diseases, in all countries. The user may input any combination of symptoms, signs, exposure data (country, dates of exposure, animals, foods, etc) and laboratory data. A specific simulator has been developed for Bioterror events, which can be found under Clinical Presentation. Select < Bioterrorism Simulator > as the Country.

The following figure depicts the data input screen for a scenario of hemorrhagic fever with onset four days following a suspected event.

The Diagnosis results generates the following differential diagnosis list:

This list is non-Bayesian (i.e., based on likelihood of symptom occurrence – but without known incidence data). Options at this point allow the user to ask why any additional disease was NOT included in the differential diagnosis – or to generate a list of further discriminative clinical signs, laboratory tests, etc which would be useful in refining the differential diagnosis.

One option at this point allows the user to reexamine this scenario as a NON-bioterror event; ie, same clinical features affecting a group of patients in Canada. The following screen is generated:

Indicates that there is a Bioterrorism note.

The Diseases module includes the descriptive epidemiology of all bioterror diseases.
Below < Bioterrorism Simulator > was selected from the Country list in Fingerprint.
Click on Distribution to see this note for Anthrax: