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West Nile Fever

Staying in Real Time

West Nile fever [WNF] is once again making headlines in the United States.  The GIDEON notes on WNF are updated on a weekly basis, just as all notes on outbreaks of major public health interest: ‘Bird flu’ in Asia and Europe; Polio outbreaks in Indonesia, Yemen and Nigeria; pockets of Anthrax in the former Soviet Union, etc..

The following example shows a portion of the WNF distribution note for United States, as of May 2, 2010:

How extensive is West Nile fever in the world today? The relevant GIDEON map is automatically updated as new numbers are released.  To access the global distribution map, click on the icon:

Users can instantly construct graphs to follow the incidence of WNF (and all other diseases) in a given country; or compare disease rates in any combination of countries:

Additional options allow you to review the clinical features of WNF, or access a list of all other viruses which are transmitted by birds and mosquitoes in the United States by clicking on the tab:

The tab displays related images about the selected disease that can be used for presentations, handouts, etc.: