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Measles Vaccine Effectiveness – Supportive Data

Author Dr. Stephen Berger , 29-04-2019

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Where data are available, reported rates of measles are inversely related to vaccination coverage.  This observation is true for virtually every country … from Algeria to Zambia  – and are most evident as percentage vaccine coverage exceeds 80 percent.  The following charts are based on WHO statistics for measles incidence and estimates (rather than individual reports) of true vaccine coverage.  Note in the following charts, that when groups of countries are compared, the disease rates themselves are often numerically lower for countries which have attained highest vaccination coverage [1,2]  For  example,  in the third chart, the relatively low vaccine coverage for Africa is reflected in a relatively high disease rate for that region.  The two lower charts depict a decrease in fatal measles cases which have paralleled increasing vaccine coverage.



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