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How to Wear a Face Mask – PEOPLE Shares Dr. Berger’s Advice

Author Kristina Symes , 02-05-2020

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Illustration on how to wear a face mask correctly

Wearing a face mask is now a part of our everyday life. In early April, the CDC made the official recommendation that everyone should wear one to help slow the spread of COVID-19 after new research showed that 50% of people who get it don’t show symptoms. So they will likely be around for quite some time, but unfortunately, many people aren’t wearing them correctly and could be exposing themselves unnecessarily. 

Our founder, Dr. Stephen Berger, who is double board-certified in infectious disease and microbiology, provided important tips to People.

“A face mask should be as closely fitted to the skin as possible,” Dr. Berger told PEOPLE. He added there shouldn’t be any gaps on the side of the mask and it should cover everything from your nose to your chin. 

Dr. Berger said “The nose must be covered. Note that when people are tested for the virus, a swab is inserted into the nose — because that is where the virus is!”

Dr. Berger also provided tips for people who wear glasses and how they can avoid fogging up their lenses. 

Kristina Symes

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