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Author Fisayo Olusegun , 01-Jul-2020

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Medical Doctors have a serious enough job to do when caring for people’s health. But when their patients have recently been to other countries and start exhibiting symptoms, this may increase the complexity even more.

They must get information on the current state of infectious diseases in the country where the patient has been because this can impact their health and symptoms. With over 200 countries worldwide, doctors would have to be walking databases of infectious diseases.

Situations Clinical Doctors Have to Deal With

For example, now the flight restrictions due to COVID are being eased, it is reasonable to expect that experts, including medical experts, will once again be called out to go to other countries and help with their knowledge.

If these experts fall ill when they return home, their doctors will have the job of getting information on infectious diseases in the countries they have just visited. Many factors can complicate this. Limited medical data, remote destinations, similar symptoms for multiple diseases, numerous diseases in the given country, etc. These factors may also lead to misdiagnoses and mistreatment.

In fact, in the case of an Israeli agricultural expert who fell ill when he returned from India he was misdiagnosed several times. And, of course, he was then treated for the wrong disease. However, when his symptoms were entered into GIDEON’s medical diagnosis tool, he was correctly diagnosed and treated. He was discharged in good health a week later.

Quick & Reliable Infectious Diseases Diagnosis Tool

This is just one of the many reasons Dr. Jeffrey P. Gumprecht says GIDEON is irreplaceable. Nothing compares to GIDEON for diagnosing infectious diseases. Especially when a person’s health and life are at stake.

Dr. Gumprecht puts some clinical details into the interactive tool. Details like when a patient traveled to a specific country, when they returned, their symptoms, and the organ systems involved. That’s all GIDEON needs to generate a Differential Diagnosis. It also enables him to share information with other infectious diseases and medical specialists. He says it’s an amazingly valuable source of information, helping users quickly reach a diagnosis.

GIDEON – Better Than a Library

Dr. Gumprecht prefers it to the Library at New York University because he can get a full description of any infectious disease from GIDEON.

As great as libraries, even medical libraries, might be, none of the online library platforms have diagnostic tools. Going to the library, at best, extends the patient’s suffering. At worst, it costs critical time a patient might not have. That’s why Dr. Gumprecht thinks nothing compares to GIDEON as a tool for clinical settings. It’s invaluable to have a solution where all of the information on infectious diseases is available in one place. It eliminates the need for multiple medical review articles or separate websites. GIDEON benefits the infectious disease fellows at Mt Sinai hospital, where Dr. Gumprecht works.


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