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Japanese Encephalitis in Assam State

Since 2008, data regarding Japanese Encephalitis in India have distinguished between Japanese encephalitis [JE] and Acute encephalitis syndrome [AES].  Cases of the latter have been variously ascribed to Chandipura, enteroviral infection, scrub typhus and lychee fruit intoxication.  [1,2]    In 1963, 22% of individuals in Assam (Lakhimpur and Darrang districts) were seropositive toward JE virus.  Surveys conducted during 2006 to 2014 found that Japanese encephalitis was responsible for 30% to 78% of acute encephalitis cases in Assam.  A study published in 2007 found that 19.3% of patients with Japanese encephalitis in Assam State have concurrent neurocysticercosis.  In the following chart, I’ve compared reported incidence for these two conditions in India and in Assam State. [3]


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