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2016 Edition of GIDEON eBooks

Since initial publication in 2010, the popularity of GIDEON ebooks has continued to grow. A WorldCat search demonstrates how many libraries across the globe now purchase the series for reference .

The 2016 edition has expanded all content, graphs, maps and references based on extensive updates in the GIDEON web application. This latest edition has the largest content of all prior editions:

  • 423 ebooks
  • 121,603 total pages
  • 34,726 images and graphs
  • 684,799 references
  • 2 GB in total file size

Every library in the world should carry at least two of our volumes:

  • The largest ebook (over 1,500 pages), Infectious Diseases of the World – provides a summary of every human infectious disease in the world including disease distribution maps.
  • Infectious Diseases of [your own country] – provides unique extensive background on every infectious disease relevant to that country.

Other valuable references include:

  • Global status of [every infectious disease] – the perfect reference source for every Public Health Department or researcher.
  • Detailed and up-to-date information on every anti-infective drug and vaccine – important references for every pharmacy.
  • A complete encyclopedia on all human bacteria and yeasts – a must for any laboratory or health-care student.

Available for purchase through:

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