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2013 edition of GIDEON eBooks with maps

The 2013 edition of GIDEON eBooks has been released. This new edition includes distribution maps for each disease. A example of the distribution map of Tuberculosis is included below.

The entire series now contains 105,467 pages of text, graphs and maps in 419 eBooks.

The GIDEON eBook titles are divided into two series.

The country series, offers a complete text devoted to the Infectious Diseases of every individual country. In addition there are 2 other eBooks. Infectious Diseases of the World covers the worldwide status of every disease including distribution maps. Infectious Diseases and Bioterrorism includes all Infectious Diseases related to Bioterrorism and related notes.

The disease series, explores each individual Infectious Disease and includes a distribution map for each disease.

The eBooks can be ordered by individuals directly and downloaded as PDF files, which can be used on computers and tablets such as kindles, ipads and nooks.
Librarians can order GIDEON eBooks through EBSCOhost.

Distribution map of Tuberculosis with disease rates by country:
Tuberculosis disease rate distribution map by GIDEON

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