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Reye’s Syndrome in Hong Kong

A single review of Reye’s syndrome in Hong Kong has been published. [1,2] 27 cases were treated at Queen Mary Hospital during 1979 to 1985 – a period of low activity for both Varicella and Scarlet Fever – see graph] Where a drug history was available, only 15% had received aspirin prior to the onset of illness, while 60% had received paracetamol. Influenza was presumed to be the underlying infection in most cases, rather than varicella.

1. Yu EC. Reye’s syndrome in Hong Kong. Aust Paediatr J. 1988 24:61.
2 Berger SA. Infectious Diseases of Hong Kong, 2011. 375 pp, 107 graphs, 1229 references. Gideon e-books,

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