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E-book: Infectious Diseases of Haiti by GIDEON

When the humanitarian disaster in Haiti began to unfold, we accelerated development of a comprehensive book on the diseases of that country. This will be one in a series of ebooks which present the status of all infectious diseases…in all individual countries. This ebook, Infectious Diseases of Haiti, will be offered free of charge to all health professionals concerned with the current disaster.

There are 347 forms of human infectious disease in the world today – and 198 of these (more than half) are known to occur in Haiti. Sadly, one of the “side effects” of living in a poor and disaster-ridden economy is a lack of useful facts regarding the local status of individual diseases. GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is a Web-based application which follows diseases – both on a global level and within each country. Data are updated daily and are derived from all relevant journals, websites, Health Ministry reports and publications of the World Health Organization. The electronic book (ebook) is generated from information in the GIDEON database, and will serve as the first comprehensive review of infectious diseases in Haiti. Similar ebooks are now available by country and disease.

Download the 2017 edition for free in PDF, EPUB and MOBI: Infectious Diseases of Haiti by GIDEON

2010 legacy editions

12 Responses to “E-book: Infectious Diseases of Haiti by GIDEON”

  1. Cynthia Carlyn Says:

    I am a physician and would like to be able to download Infectious Diseases of Haiti free of change as above but dont’ see how to do it.

  2. Uri Blackman Says:

    Click on this download link

  3. abuanis Says:

    Thank very much for a good book. I’ll use it as my reference for a lifetime..

  4. Dr G.T.Igodo Says:

    This is an excellent resource, and should be an integral part of any medical library. A must-read for any physician interested in geographical pathology and infections! I will recommend it to our members.

  5. Uri Blackman Says:

    Dr. Igodo and abuanis – thanks for the feedback.
    Would love to get more feedback from anyone that’s downloaded the ebook.
    We’re working on the rest of the books in the series.

  6. DR. William Savigne Says:

    A MUST HAVE BOOK and great learning resource I have read a portion of the book & it awesome. I will continue to study the book.

  7. Stephanie Bozigian-Merrick, RN Says:

    THANK YOU for a concise guide that will be useful for health care providers everywhere, especially those going to Haiti to help with relief efforts.

    THANK YOU for the specific details — incidence of particular diseases in Haiti; graphs describing percentage of population vaccinated; extensive lists of synonyms for the names of each disease; links to sources in each section.

    THANK YOU for making this material free and easily accessible.

    Since you asked for feedback: the only thing I can think of that would make this outstanding volume even more useful would be an alphabetical index of disease names, synonyms for disease names, and names of the pathogens that cause the diseases. That would make it even easier to find the particular information you are searching for.

    I can’t wait to see the other books in this series!

  8. Uri Blackman Says:

    Thanks for the appreciation.

    We debated including an index, but realized that this is really a physical book concept. In ebooks, first, there is a search function, which works more efficiently than an index. Secondly on Kindle and other devices, there is no concept of a static page number, like in a PDF, so the concept of an index doesn’t work. There is a table of contents that provides an overview of the content and a quick way to jump to specific sections.

    We have added a couple of series of ebooks on our website at and are working to improve the increase the content from our GIDEON online web application. This will allow users to access the content either via the web or through an ebook.

  9. Martin Dirksen-Fischer Says:

    Dear Sirs
    Superb. The standard.

  10. Jim Wilson Says:

    Uri, Steve,
    BRAVO to you guys for donating this critically important compilation to the humanitarian community.

    James M. Wilson V, MD
    Haiti Epidemic Advisory System (HEAS)
    Executive Director
    Praecipio International
    Washington-Houston-Port au Prince

    Praecipio International is a charitable non-profit organization devoted to the promotion of operational biosurveillance worldwide.

  11. livres pdf Says:

    A very useful guide which should be traduced in french as well…Do you contemplate to do it ?

    Best regards

    Yvan Dupuy

  12. Uri Blackman Says:

    We haven’t had demand for a French version.