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GIDEON application is packed with unique features to help you get the insight you need – when you need it. See it in action!


Transformation through collaboration

Hear our transformation story from Dr. Berger and Kristina Symes in this webinar replay, created in partnership with EBSCO.

GIDEON at a glance: a short demo

Not sure where to start? Watch this 18min demo to get acquainted with the key features of GIDEON.

Getting started with GIDEON API

Need ‘raw data’? Retrieve it programmatically! Our API output is compatible with a popular tool used in statistical data analysis – R.

Key features

Generate epidemiological charts with GIDEON's Quantify

Compare epidemiological data, discover trends, and get the insight you need in an instant! Mix and match 34,000+ graphs to create your own charts.

Identify 2,000+ pathogens: Lab module overview

Use Bayesian analysis to identify and compare 2,000+ medically important bacteria, mycobacteria, yeasts, and algae.

Differential diagnosis with GIDEON's probability engine

Generate a list of likely infectious diseases with GIDEON’s interactive, Bayesian analysis-driven probability engine.

Case: Mongolian mystery bug

A young soldier got ill while in Mongolia. Let’s use GIDEON’s Differential Diagnosis (DDx) clinical decision support tool to diagnose it.

Compare diseases: common cold, flu, or COVID-19?

Conduct a side-by-side comparison of diseases, up to 10 at a time.

Find anti-infective drugs in GIDEON database

Search over 30,000 anti-infective drug trade names or filter by toxicity, interaction, drug class, or spectrum in GIDEON.

First Case Scenario

Identify initial cases of known diseases in new settings.

Diagnose a disease: step by step

Learn the process of diagnosing diseases – the easy way!

Why Not?

Find out why a suspected disease did not appear on the differential diagnosis list.

GIDEON database A-Z

Want to see the entire database at a glance? A-Z is designed to help you do that.

Interactive outbreak maps

GIDEON’s interactive disease outbreaks and distribution maps cover data going back as far as 1348 AD.

Travel safe with GIDEON

Do you give pre-travel medical advice? GIDEON covers 230+ countries and territories, with over 23,000 country-specific notes covering all Infectious Diseases.



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