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This web tutorial will teach you the basics of GIDEON’s various modules.


A 20 year old man travels to the far east following Army service. Starting in Thailand, he continues on to Mongolia…and suddenly becomes extremely ill with fever, cough with bloody sputum (hemoptysis) and enlarged lymph nodes (lymphadenopathy) in his groin. He recalls that ‘rats’ had entered his tent while he was camping in Mongolia. On admission to hospital, he is found to have fever, a lung infiltrate (pneumonia) and large lymph glands as described. There is no rash. His white blood count is elevated, and there is no thrombocytopenia. Culture of his sputum and blood reveals a facultative gram-negative bacillus.

  • What are the diseases of Mongolia? …of Thailand?
  • Which of these is associated with pneumonia and large lymph glands?
  • How are these diseases transmitted?
  • Where else are they found in the world?
  • How are they diagnosed?
  • How are they treated?
  • What is the gram-negative bacillus?
  • What additional tests can one do to identify it?
  • What drugs are likely to be effective against this organism?
  • Is this disease preventable by vaccines?

GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and EpidemiOlogy Network) is a web application for diagnosis, simulation and informatics in the fields of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases, and Clinical Microbiology.

The application is quite ‘friendly,’ and easy to use. Options are listed at the borders of each screen.

…so, let’s see if we can diagnose the ‘Mongolian Mystery Bug.’