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Clinical Infectious Diseases

Internet and Computer-Based Resources for Travel Medicine Practitioners

J. S. Keystone,1 P. E. Kozarsky,2 and D. O. Freedman,3

Reproduced from: Clinical Infectious Diseases, 2001; 32:757-765


“…Posttravel databases.     The Global Infectious Disease and Epidemiology Network (GIDEON) [5] is a database containing detailed epidemiological, diagnostic, and therapeutic information (in 4 modules) covering >230 common and exotic infectious diseases as they occur in >200 countries. In the diagnostic module, an algorithm links key clinical features and epidemiological profiles of individual patients to give a ranked differential diagnosis that is very complete although not always appropriately ranked. The epidemiological module enables the user to determine whether a particular disease is found in a specific country and provides lists of infections based on a specific type of exposure (e.g., tick bite, sexual contact, etc.). The therapeutic module provides the pharmacology, drug doses, drug interactions, and international trade names of vaccines and anti-infective agents. The microbiological diagnostic module enables the user to identify a bacterial agent by inputting the growth characteristics of the organism.
Quarterly database updates are provided to the user. It is the most comprehensive tropical medicine database available.