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Viruses, Molds and Parasites

We occasionally get a variation of the question: Why aren’t virus / molds / parasites included in the Microbiology module?

Bacteria, Mycobacteria and Yeasts are identified using a set of familiar tests – fermentation of glucose, color, use of oxygen, etc. These tests are incorporated into the GIDEON Microbiology module:

Microbiology tests

Viruses, Molds and Parasites are identified using tests based primarily on morphology, size, shape, position of spores, etc. Since most of these tests are highly technical and unfamiliar to most people in the field, we have not attempted to design a similar tool for such organisms.

Nevertheless, all Viruses (Molds, Parasites) associated with human disease are covered extensively, including features used in taxonomy and identification. One example is available in the upper left box of the Diseases-Fingerprint tab. In the example below, clicking on Agent produces a list from which a user can select (left box, arrows) Alphaviruses, Arenaviruses, Bunyaviruses, Caliciviruses …..
For example, clicking on Bunyaviruses produces the list on the right.


Clicking on boxes to the left for two or more of these diseases, and then on the Compare button displays a Disease Comparison box

Disease comparison

Viruses are also discussed in extensive detail in the Diseases – Distribution note. Choosing Worldwide, the following information appears:

Bunyaviridae infections - worldwide note

Other modules include information on the treatment of every viral disease (Drugs module) and an encyclopedia of all available virus vaccines (Vaccines module)