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Microbiology lists

Click the appropriate tab from each sub-module: Bacteria, Mycobacteria and Yeasts to access the alphabetical pathogen lists. On the left is a list of pathogens, and button to select Synonyms. The right column consists of the tabs, General, Phenotype and Rare|Missed on top, and a Personal Notes window on the bottom.

  • Check boxes next to the listed taxa and click Compare to generate a chart comparing those taxa. Displays Microbiology Compare window.
  • Print Print list of taxa.
  • Email Email list of taxa.


Clicking on Synonym button expands the list synonyms, which include previous names of taxa.
Bacteria List



General Displays the following pathogen information:

  • Ecology
  • Details of growth and Incubation
  • Morphology
  • Disease Association
  • Drug Susceptibility
  • Vaccines
  • Synonyms


Phenotype Lists the positive and negative reaction indicators.
Example of Phenotype for Mycobacterium tuberculosis:


Rare & Missed This tab is active only through the Identification Results window.

  • Rare lists reactions which, albeit compatible with the organism in question, are rarely exhibited by that organism. In some cases the probability of a false-positive or false–negative reaction exceeds the chance of encountering the result for your organism. Therefore, the accuracy of these laboratory tests should be verified. If the organism is itself rare, this is also noted.
  • Missed lists any of the selected tests in the Phenotype Summary for which there are no published data concerning the selected organism. Published data regarding one or more of the phenotypic tests you selected are not available for some of the organisms listed. In such cases, GIDEON will still include these organisms in it’s identification list but with an icon indicating that certain tests have been ‘missed.’ When this occurs, we recommend that you delete these tests from your data entry, and re-run the identification.

Personal notes

The Personal Notes box appears in the lower right section of this window. The user can enter notes that will be associated with the organism.
For Institutional users, these notes may be altered only by administrator.