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Microbiology Compare

TheĀ  Compare button allows the user to access the Microbiology Compare window from either Identification List window or by selecting one of the Bacteria / Mycobacteria / Yeasts tabs.

Microbiology Compare displays a graphic presentation of only those reactions that distinguish between the organisms listed. This list is optimized (ranked in order of the ability of individual tests to discriminate between taxa) – the best test is listed first. Optimization is useful in saving time, cost, and labor. Only tests not selected in the Phenotype box will be displayed.

The chart includes a column that lists the phenotypic tests and one column for each organism selected with reactions noted. Below the chart each organism appears with information from the General tab.

The legend in the lower right corner explains the signs used in the graphic presentation:

  • The signs + or - indicate that most or all isolates in a given species are positive or negative, respectively, for the indicated reaction.
  • A blank space indicates that data for the indicated reaction are not available.
  • Biochemical and phenotypic characteristics exhibiting variable results are denoted by a V.

There are three buttons in the chart:

  • Print Print Comparison chart.
  • Email Emails the information in the Microbiology Compare window.
  • Close Closes Microbiology Compare window.