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GIDEON for Microbiologists

The Lab module is designed to meet the needs of microbiologists and students undertaking microbiology-related courses. It offers Bayesian analysis-driven pathogen identification facilities for 2000+ medically important bacteria, mycobacteria, and yeasts.

In 2021, GIDEON introduced interactive, guided decision trees. The feature is intended to help students create, download, and share dichotomous keys used in the classic ‘Unknown microbe’ undergraduate project.

GIDEON application: Lab module displayed on three different size devices

Case studies:

Learn how Dr. Monika Oli engages her students by simulating outbreak scenarios.

Dr. Johnny El-Rady used GIDEON to move his Public Health and Pathogenic Microbiology classes online in just two weeks.

Fact sheet:

10 ways GIDEON supports students