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Introduction to Dosage Math

Author Lauren Buergler , 31-Jan-2023

The Introduction to Dosage Math Lesson Plan by GIDEON is designed to help students improve their abilities to read word problems, do weight conversations, and make accurate dosage calculations. This lesson guides students in a step-by-step manner through a variety of dosage scenarios. Finally, all the steps are put together to tackle full word problems.



About the Lesson Plan

Each activity also includes an educator’s guide providing step-by-step instructions as well as the answer sheet.

This Lesson Features:

  • Lesson Outcomes & Overview
  • Initial Discussion
  • Get to Know Your Units Activity
  • Steps to Solving Word Problems
  • Unit Conversion Practice Activity
  • Guided Conversion Table
  • Putting It All Together Activity
  • Practice Case Studies Using GIDEON
  • GIDEON Explore Module Walkthrough
  • Answer Key


GIDEON Module Highlighted in the Lesson:

This lesson plan uses GIDEON’s Explore Module to provide information on infectious diseases and anti-infective drugs.

Lauren Buergler

Lauren Buergler graduated from the University of Southern Indiana with a bachelor's degree in Biochemistry. She is passionate about the healthcare industry and ways to innovate within it. As an Account Manager for GIDEON, Lauren loves connecting and supporting our customers.

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