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As of April 2017, the GIDEON Infectious Diseases module incorporates details of over 55,000 surveys – for every disease, and in every country. These data are subdivided into charts of prevalence (what percent of humans / animals carry a given pathogen) and seroprevalence (what percent are found to have antibody or other signs of immune response).

These answer questions such as:

  • What percentage of injecting drug abusers in India are HIV-positive ?
  • How common is hookworm among children in Nigeria ?
  • What is the seropositivity rate for Lyme disease among hunters in Germany ?

Surveys are listed within relevant country notes in the Diseases – Distribution module of GIDEON. For example, published studies of HIV / AIDS in India appear in the following chart:

Meta-analyses and other forms of review are so indicated:

The small blue numbers are click-able links to reference sources; ie,

Charts present details of year(s), region, study group, percent-positive and other relevant data. The default format sorts surveys alphabetically according to Study Group; however, users may re-sort by simply clicking on the column heading. For example, sorting by  produces the following chart:

… while the highest seroprevalence of HIV / AIDS (click on ) in India is reported among injecting drug users (76.7%)

A summary of surveys for a given disease can be accessed by clicking the  icon. Further information appears at the bottom of this country list. For example, as of April 2017, GIDEON included details of 3,590 serosurveys of HIV / AIDS.