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Graphs in GIDEON

“A picture is worth a thousand words”

The Infectious Diseases module in GIDEON has a feature that allows each of the data sets in GIDEON to be displayed in graphs which follow the incidence, prevalence, death rates and many other parameters of every disease in the database. The online version of GIDEON contains over 30,000 graphs – all are updated automatically as statistics are added to the database. These graphs are invaluable for understanding trends in Infectious Diseases, and can be used to enhance pamphlets, curricula, PowerPoint presentations and student hand-outs.

Check out some sample graphs (click on the graph to magnify to full size):

Scenarios using Graphs

Sample graphs

Albania. Brucellosis rates per 100,000
Angola. Anthrax, bovine outbreaks
Armenia. Giardiasis, cases
Armenia. Respiratory tuberculosis rates per 100,000
Armenia. Tuberculosis deaths
Armenia. WHO-UNICEF estimated % BCG coverage
Australia. Murray Valley encephalitis, cases
Australia. Diphtheria cases
Australia. Granuloma inguinale, cases (Northern Territory)
Australia. Granuloma inguinale, cases (Western Australia)
Australia. Kunjin virus infection, cases
Australia. Ross River disease, cases
Australia. Ross River disease, cases in Tasmania
Australia. Stratford virus, laboratory isolates
Barbados. Leptospirosis, cases
Belgium. Yersinia enterocolitica, laboratory isolates
Brazil. Leprosy, deaths
Brazil. Leprosy, prevalence
Brazil. Leprosy, prevalence rates per 100,000
Bulgaria. Tularemia, cases
Canada. Rabies, dogs
Canary Islands. Cryptosporidiosis cases
Chile. Hepatitis B, cases
China. Malaria, cases
China. Malaria, cases in Guangxi
China. Malaria, cases in Hainan
China. Malaria, cases in Yunnan
China. Malaria, deaths
China. Malaria, P. falciparum (percent of cases)
China. Malaria, rates per 100,000
China. Malaria, Yunnan rates per 100,000
Colombia. Yaws, cases
Czech Republic. Lyme borreliosis, cases
Czech Republic. Lyme borreliosis, rates per 100,000
Ecuador. Onchocerciasis, endemic communities
Ecuador. Onchocerciasis, persons at risk
Ecuador. Onchocerciasis, treatments administered
El Salvador. Trypanosomiasis – Amer, blood donors (% seropos.)
Estonia. Smallpox cases
Estonia. Smallpox deaths
European region. Congenital rubella syndrme, cases
Fiji. AIDS cases
Fiji. AIDS, estimated number living with HIV/AIDS at end of year.
Finland. Syphilis, cases
Finland. Syphilis, cases in Helsinki
France. Congenital rubella syndrome (CRS), cases
France. Rubella, intrapartum infections
Ghana. Anthrax, bovine outbreak cases
Ghana. Anthrax, bovine outbreaks
Ghana. Anthrax, ovine / caprine outbreak cases
Ghana. Anthrax, ovine / caprine outbreaks
Ghana. Anthrax, swine outbreaks
Ghana. Yaws, cases
Ghana. Yaws, cases (infectious cases)
Greece. Pertussis, cases
Greece. Pertussis, rates per 100,000
Greece. WHO-UNICEF estimated vaccine (DTP3 %) coverage
Greenland. Chlamydia infection rates per 100,000 (ages 15 to 59)
Greenland. Chlamydia infections
Greenland. Gonorrhea, cases
Greenland. Gonorrhea, rates per 100,000 (ages 15 to 59)
Greenland. Syphilis, cases
Hungary. Paratyphoid, cases
Hungary. Typhoid, cases
India. Japanese encephalitis, cases
India. Japanese encephalitis, cases reported in Andhra Pradesh
India. Japanese encephalitis, cases reported in Uttar Pradesh
Ireland. Genital herpes simplex, cases
Israel. Echinococcosis – unilocular, cases
Italy. Tularemia, cases
Jamaica. Varicella, cases
Japan. Typhoid, cases (imported)
Japan. Typhus – scrub, cases
Japan. Typhoid, cases (total)
Liechstenstein. Listeriosis, cases
Liechtenstein. Tick-borne encephalitis cases
Liechtenstein. Gonorrhea, cases
Liechtenstein. Legionellosis, cases
Liechtenstein. Malaria, cases
Liechtenstein. Meningococcal disease, cases
Luxembourg. AIDS cases
Luxembourg. AIDS deaths
Luxembourg. AIDS, cumulative cases to end of year
Luxembourg. AIDS, with HIV/AIDS at end of year
Luxembourg. AIDS, rate of seropositive blood donors per 100,000
Luxembourg. HIV infection rates per 100,000
Malta. Brucellosis cases
Mexico. Amebic liver abscess
Mexico. Cysticercosis cases
Mexico. Dengue cases
Mexico. Dengue rates per 100.000
Mexico. DHF cases
Mexico. Taeniasis, cases
Mexico. WHO-UNICEF estimated % Hepatitis B vaccine coverage
Mongolia. Tuberculosis cases
Mongolia. WHO-UNICEF estimated % BCG coverage
Mongolia. WHO-UNICEF estimated % Hep. B vaccine coverage
Nauru. WHO-UNICEF estimated % vaccine (POL3) coverage
Northern Ireland. Septicemia, fatal
Oman. Schistosoma haematobium infection, cases
Paraguay. Tetanus – neonatal, cases
Paraguay. Tetanus, cases
Poland. Rabies, cats
Poland. Rabies, dogs
Poland. Rabies, foxes
Poland. Rabies, ruminants
Republic of Korea. Hantavirus – old world, U.S. military personnel
Romania. Scarlet fever, cases
Rwanda. Typhus – epidemic, cases
Rwanda. Typhus – epidemic, percent of world total cases
San Marino. Mumps, cases
Scotland. E. coli O157 infection, outbreaks
Slovakia. Shigellosis, cases
Slovakia. Shigellosis, S. flexneri (percent of total isolates)
Spain. Mediterranean spotted fever, cases
Spain. Q-fever, cases
St Vincent and the Grenadines. HIV infections
St. Vincent and the Grenadines. AIDS cases
Sweden. Ockelbo disease, cases
Switzerland. Salmonellosis, cases
Switzerland. Salmonellosis, S. enteritidis (percent of total isolates)
Switzerland. Switzerland. Tick-borne encephalitis (Thurgau Canton)
Switzerland. Tick-borne encephalitis cases
Syria. Leishmaniasis – cutaneous, cases (Aleppo Governorate)
Taiwan. Japanese encephalitis, cases confirmed
Taiwan. V. O3:K6, % of total V. parahaemolyticus isolates
Thailand. Cryptococcosis as AIDS-defining illness, % AIDS cases
Thailand. DHF cases
Thailand. DHF rates among children below age 15 (per 100,000)
Thailand. DHF rates per 100,000
Togo. Cholera cases
Togo. Cholera deaths
United Kingdom. Ornithosis, cases
United States. California group encephalitis cases
United States. Leptospirosis, cases reported in Hawaii
United States. Trichinosis, cases
United States. Trichinosis, deaths
United States. Trichinosis, outbreaks
Vietnam. Plague, cases
Vietnam. Plague, deaths
West Bank and Gaza. Estimated vaccine (DTP3 %) coverage
West Bank and Gaza. Pertussis, cases
Worldwide. Ebola cases
Worldwide. Measles, cases reported
Worldwide. Measles, estimated deaths (millions)
Worldwide. Measles, estimated vaccine coverage (percent)
Worldwide. Rubella, number of countries which routinely vaccinate
Zimbabwe. Anthrax, human cases