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BioTerror Indicator

In addition to the Bioterrorism Simulator a bioterror indicator in the diagnosis module allows users to consider a potential bioterror threat which they may not have considered.

While generating a routine diagnosis list, relevant diseases which could be associated with bioterrorism are flagged with the icon Bioterror icon

For example, the following list was generated for an adult patient with hemorrhagic fever. Notice that Ebola, Lassa fever, Sandfly fever and other diseases are flagged to indicated that this case could indicate a bioterrorism event.

Clicking on the icon next to a disease will exhibit bioterrorism information about that specific disease, for example the bioterror note for Typhoid and enteric fever displays:

The following note, located at the bottom of the Diagnosis results window, explains the significance of the bioterror icon.

Once a clinician is made aware that the disease is bioterror related they can then proceed with the necessary risk assessment and decision making processes.