StrengthEpidemiological ContextTraveler Focus
Interactive Maps2363
Global Outbreaks Map+-
Global Prevalence Maps+-
Malaria MapCountry-levelCity-level
Yellow Fever MapCountry-levelCity-level
Elevation Maps-+
Data on Relevant Diseases per CountryComprehensive listLimited list
Dedicated Country-Disease Pages+-
Outbreaks in Each CountryLargest available database, records go back to 1348 ADLimited to most recent events
Malaria Advisory+-
Yellow Fever Advisory+-
Recommended Travel Vaccinations-+
Routine Vaccination Schedules in Each Country+-
COVID-19 Restrictions-+
Cultural Advisory-+
Hospital Locator-+
Safety Advisory-+
Side-by-Side Comparison+-
Differential Diagnosis Tools+-
First Case Scenario+-
Why Not+-
Pathogen Identification Tools+-
Native API+-
Sources Monitored32,000+100+
PDF Downloads++
Update FrequencyDailyDaily

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GIDEON is packed with unique features you won’t find anywhere else. Developed in collaboration with hundreds of medical scientists, microbiologists, public health professionals, and students from 26 countries, the new GIDEON is very easy to use and works on any device.

Generate epidemiological charts
Differential diagnosis with probability engine
Compare diseases
Anti-infective drugs database
First Case Scenario
Interactive outbreak maps
Travel safe with GIDEON
GIDEON database A-Z
‘Why not?’ feature

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