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When “Ebola” became a household word for most Americans in 2015, few realized that a more sinister outbreak was unfolding in their own back-yard. Chikungunya, a dengue-like illness which had previously been limited to the jungle areas of Africa and Asia, suddenly appeared in Latin America, resulting in over 2 million cases as of January 2016. And then Zika virus followed in the same region, threatening to attack a similar number of people. Unlike Chikungunya and Dengue, Zika virus infection has now been identified as a major cause of microcephaly (abnormally-small head) and other severe neurological disorders in babies born to women who are infected by Zika virus in early pregnancy.

GIDEON has been closely following Ebola, Chikungunya, Zika … and every other infectious disease – for over twenty five years. Health care profesionals can enter the signs and symptoms of patients from affected countries, and display a comprehensive, ranked list of possible diseases.

Findings of a recent patient treated after returning from Suriname with fever and rash were entered into GIDEON:

Suriname fever rash diagnosis

Note the red arrows to the right. GIDEON has indeed “considered” that the patient might be suffering from Chikungunya, Dengue, Zika – and a host of other common and lesser-known conditions.

Users can easily access extensive background information on the diseases themselves, including maps, pictures and graphs, or explore their status on the global level, or within individual countries.  In this example, GIDEON compares the clinical features of Dengue, Chikungunya and Zika:

Compare Chikunhunya Dengue Zika

GIDEON maps the current global distributions of these three diseases:

Zika Global Distribution Chikungunya Global Distribution Dengue Global Distribution



GIDEON and Global Disease

We have developed an on-line system which follows the status of all Infectious Diseases – in every country – in real time. One of the GIDEON modules contains an ongoing chronology of every outbreak / survey on a global / country-specific level. As of 2014, the site contains 32,000 incidence graphs + details regarding 33,000 individual outbreaks and 36,000 prevalence surveys. Sample graphs and maps follow (red dots are links to country-specific text notes in the program).

The computer server has also been engineered to publish a series of 213 eBooks (115,000 pages, 410,000 references) – with all titles updated yearly. These include the only published books on diseases of YOUR country and YOUR particular disease-of-interest – including all Neglected Tropical Disease. Full list of titles at Users can also create custom graphs which contast multiple diseases of interest – a few maps / graphs follow:






Gradient maps

Maps in the Epidemiology module have been improved once again. For some diseases, reporting data are sufficiently accurate and comprehensive to allow for a more detailed map based on relative disease incidence from country to country. This provides for a great snapshot of the global status of theses diseases. See the Case of the Month: Getting the most out of maps.
Tuberculosis distribution map