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Exploration of GIDEON’s Vaccines section within the Infectious Diseases module

GIDEON follows the status of ALL vaccines – content, dosing, boosters, side effects, contraindications… and lots more. The current version contains 67 generic vaccines and globulin preparations, including even the rarest of products, such as tularemia vaccine, Argentine hemorrhagic fever vaccine, Q-fever vaccine, tick-borne encephalitis globulin.

When you click on the tab in the Infectious Diseases module, the following screen appears:

The Personal Notes box at the lower right allows you to add details relevant to all staff and colleagues using GIDEON on your institutional network.

Occasionally, you are confronted with a child who has arrived from another country.  Her vaccine records may contain information regarding products which are not familiar to Americans.  If you click on the option (upper left screen), a list appears which contains all 925 vaccine preparations in current use – worldwide.   When you click on the trade name, the more familiar designation instantly appears in the lower left screen.

In the following example, we see that ‘Encepurkinder’ is a proprietary name for Tick-borne encephalitis vaccine:

I can also ask GIDEON to display the toxicities and contraindications of this particular vaccine in the right-hand screen by selecting the tab:

The buttons located to the left of the option generate a listing of all known vaccine Toxicities and Contraindications.  These options allow you to list all vaccines associated with Guillain-Barre syndrome, contraindicated in pregnant women, etc.:

GIDEON also follows the routine vaccine schedules for ALL countries, as well as the percent coverage for each individual vaccine.  These data are invaluable when dealing with children adopted in foreign countries.

For example, we want to know the vaccine schedule for Measles in Bolivia.  First, access the tab in the Infectious Diseases module and select Measles from the Results list.  In the right-hand column, select Bolivia from the country list and the corresponding results will display in the window beneath:

A sample results screen for the vaccine schedule of Measles in Bolivia is displayed below: