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Identifying unknown organisms lesson plans

A number of universities are utilizing GIDEON to teach Microbiology in their Biology classes. Some examples are presented below:

University of Florida

Simulating Outbreaks in a Lab case study with Dr. Monika Oli who said “It’s the best teaching tool ever for Microbiology students and I love it because it’s all real-life data, always current and so versatile. So much information!”

Olive-Harvey College

Jacqueline Krueger from Olive Harvey College, one of the City Colleges of Chicago, uses GIDEON to teach Biology students about Microbiology.

She has graciously shared her comments and lesson plans for identifying an unknown organism.

GIDEON is a useful tool to introduce informatics to students who are completing a traditional “unknown” project as part of a microbiology lab course. The tool allows students to enter the results of their staining and biochemical tests to generate a probable list of species.
It can be used in conjunction with traditional flow charts found in lab manuals and/or the information available in Bergey’s Manual of Determinative Bacteriology. I highly recommend the use of GIDEON for not only identification purposes but also for research related to individual species.

Luzerne County Community College

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