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Traveling with GIDEON

Among its many functions, GIDEON has always followed the status of travel-related diseases: the country-specific status of all relevant conditions, vaccine requirements, outbreaks of disease among tourists and expatriates, etc.

When the user clicks the tab at the top of the main Infectious Diseases screen, the user may select either a Region, or Country of interest by clicking on the relevant heading in the left-column boxes:

The tab generates a list of diseases of interest in this specific country as well as travel requirements, CDC recommendations, and areas of risk:

GIDEON has been designed to list only those diseases for which further details are available in the GIDEON Infectious Diseases module. By clicking on the disease of interest, the user will access the full text of this specific note. Diseases for which outbreaks of interested to the traveler are displayed in red, with the year and number of cases indicated.  A preview of this note pops up as the mouse passes this disease name.

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