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First Case Scenario

GIDEON First Case Scenario feature was developed in consultation with the World Health Organization. It is designed to identify the initial cases of known diseases in new settings.


Why is this important?

Early identification of cross-border infection events is key to preventing larger outbreaks and epidemics. The most recent example of where GIDEON’s First Case Scenario would have been instrumental if widely adopted is the COVID-19 pandemic.

Another example occurred in 2003 when patients in China began to die of a mysterious lung infection which was later named SARS. As the outbreak progressed, a number of patients in Canada also developed severe pneumonia. Since all prior cases were limited to Asia, Canadian physicians had no way of knowing that SARS had reached North America.

In 1999, United States experienced the first West Nile Fever outbreak. Dr. Tracey McNamara was among the first to report it. Read her firsthand account here.


How does it work?

Watch a 2min demo here: