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A Baby from Haiti

A disease simulation using GIDEON’s Infectious Diseases module

A 16 month old child is brought to the United States following adoption in Haiti.  One week after arriving, the child develops a prolonged illness characterized by fever, cough and respiratory distress.  Physical examination reveals generalized lymphadenopathy and hepatosplenomegaly.  A chest roentgenogram discloses pulmonary infiltrates, and a moderate lymphocytosis is present.   What is the differential diagnosis in this case?

In the Infectious Diseases module, access the  section and enter the clinical findings into GIDEON:

The Diagnosis results are displayed in the lower right-hand box:

In addition to the top diagnosis of Tuberculosis, GIDEON provides the following additional information:

  • Comparison of signs and symptoms for the differential diagnosis list.  Select diseases to be compared by checking the box next to each name, and then click on the button for a comparison chart:

  • A graph of the cases and disease rates of Tuberculosis in Haiti, which can be accessed by clicking the  tab and selecting Haiti from the list of countries.  In the notes, a number of links to graphs are listed in blue and can be clicked on to access more information: