Toxocariasis in the United Kingdom

Author Stephen A. Berger, MD , 14-Feb-2014

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The following background data on Toxocariasis in the United Kingdom are abstracted from GIDEON and the e-book series. [1,2] (Primary references available from author)

England and Wales:

288 cases were reported through laboratory testing from 1989 to 2002, with decreasing incidence since the 1990s. The annual disease rate is estimated at 0.2 per 100,000.


Prevalence surveys:
25% of dog hair samples (2003 publication)
7.2% of suburban dogs (1977 publication)
2% to 4% of dogs are associated with a charity for deaf persons. (Bucks, 2007 publication)
1.4% of dogs with gastrointestinal disease (2003 to 2005)
91% of farm cats (1989)
53.3% of feral cats in London and Sheffield (1981 publication)
11.5% of domestic cats in London (1981 publication)
34.8% of stray urban cats (1978 to 1980)
16% of healthy kittens (2009 publication)
55.9% to 61.6% of foxes (2003 publication)
13.3% of soil samples in Leeds (1976)
5.2% of public parks and private gardens in London (1975)
66% of London parks (1984 to 1985)
6.3 of soil samples from London parks and gardens (1991 publication)

Seroprevalence surveys:
2.0% to 2.6%; 15.7% of dog breeders (1978)
47% of cull ewes in Powys and Gwent (2006 publication)
7% to 47% of sheep in Wales (2006 publication)


The reported incidence of toxocariasis varies from 0 to 4 cases per year (1992 to 2012).

Prevalence surveys:
20.9% of stray dogs in Glasgow (1975 to 1977)
12% of parks in Glasgow (1980)
33% of stray cats (1980)

Toxocara cati has also been identified in wild cats in northeastern Scotland.

Northern Ireland:

Although no cases of toxocariasis were reported from 2001 to 2012, the disease is relatively common among both humans and animals in the neighboring Republic of Ireland.

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1. Berger SA. Infectious Diseases of the United Kingdom, 2013. 1106 pages, 946 graphs, 3,801 references. Gideon e-books
2. Berger SA. Toxocariasis: Global Status, 2013. Gideon e-books

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