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GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is the world’s premier Global Infectious Disease knowledge management tool. The web app is easy-to-use, interactive and comprehensive – and helps you overcome information overload while saving time through quick access to a vast knowledge database. GIDEON is used for Diagnosis Support and Informatics in the fields of Tropical and Infectious diseases, Epidemiology, Microbiology and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.


GIDEON consists of two principle content modules, which are continually updated: Infectious Diseases, and Microbiology. The Infectious Diseases module encompasses over 350 infectious diseases, 231 countries, and over 400 anti-infective drugs and vaccines. Microbiology includes more than 1,700 microbial taxa (Bacteria, Mycobacteria, Yeasts).

GIDEON’s global data sources include essentially the entire world’s literature and adhere to the standards of Evidence Based Medicine. Over 21,000 notes with 3.6 million words of text outline the status of specific infections within each country. Also featured are over 4,000 images, 31,000 graphs, 354 interactive maps and more than 445,000 linked references.

The GIDEON ebook series can be viewed through the web app.


GIDEON is used in hospitals, universities (undergraduate and medical schools), private practice, public health departments and military installations – by physicians (Emergency Room, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Hospitalists), teachers, clinical microbiologists and health professionals. It is an ideal teaching tool for Biology, Public Health and Medical students, Residents and Fellows.

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In a blinded multi-center field trial of 495 patients, the correct diagnosis was displayed in over 94% of cases, and was listed first in over 75%. GIDEON has been reviewed in numerous journals and is continually updated to maintain accuracy.


GIDEON web requires the latest browser version and works on Mobile devices
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