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GIDEON application displayed on four devices: laptop, tablet, mobile phone and a desktop computer

GIDEON (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is a one-stop resource for anyone with a professional interest in Infectious Diseases. It is ideally suited for saving time in Point-of-Care settings while empowering clinicians to consider all possible scenarios. Additionally, it is an excellent teaching tool for Biology, Microbiology, Public Health, and Medical students and Residents.

The responsive web application works on any device. Upgraded in 2021 in collaboration with hundreds of medical scientists and microbiologists from all over the world, it is interactive and comprehensive. The user-friendly interface helps overcome information overload while saving time through quick access to a vast epidemiological database.

GIDEON is used for clinical decision support and research in the fields of Tropical and Infectious Diseases, Epidemiology, Microbiology, and Antimicrobial Chemotherapy.


What’s inside?

GIDEON application contains 4 modules, which are continually updated: Explore, Lab, Diagnose, and Quantify. Data sources include essentially the entire world’s literature and adhere to the standards of Evidence-Based Medicine. The database is updated every day by a team of highly regarded medical scientists.



The Explore module offers a wealth of information on 361 infectious diseases, 235 countries and territories, and over 30,000 trade names of anti-infective drugs and vaccines. It also includes many unique research tools, such as discovering diseases by fingerprint or finding drugs by toxicity.

Other features unique to GIDEON include:

  • Interactive historical outbreak maps cover 25,000+ outbreaks, dating back to 1348 AD!
  • Facility to generate side-by-side comparison tables of infectious diseases, drugs, and 2000+ pathogens.
  • Dark Mode setting to help save energy on electronic devices and reduce eye strain when working at night.

GIDEON application - COVID-19 disease record and a global outbreaks map displayed on a laptop screen and a tablet device


The Lab module is designed to meet the needs of microbiologists and students undertaking microbiology-related courses. It offers Bayesian analysis-driven pathogen identification facilities for 2000+ medically important bacteria, mycobacteria, and yeasts.

In 2021, GIDEON introduced interactive, guided decision trees. The feature is intended to help students create, download, and share dichotomous keys used in the classic ‘Unknown microbe’ undergraduate project.

GIDEON application: Lab module displayed on three different size devices


The Diagnose module provides a robust differential diagnosis (DDx) toolkit, geared to help clinicians identify infectious diseases. It is ideally suited for Travel Medicine specialists, physicians working in Point-of-Care settings, and those studying to become medical doctors.

Its unique features include:

  • GIDEON’s Probability engine – a differential diagnosis (DDx) clinical decision support tool, powered by a massive quantity of published medical research and geographical medicine data.
  • First Case Scenario, developed in consultation with the WHO to identify initial cases of known diseases in new settings.
  • Why Not feature, explaining why a given disease did not appear on the list.
  • Step-by-Step diagnosis – an interactive way to help future medical doctors master the process of diagnosing diseases.

GIDEON application Step by Step Diagnosis feature displayed on a desktop screen

How accurate is it? 

In a blinded multi-center field trial of 495 patients, the correct diagnosis was displayed in over 94% of cases and was listed first in over 75%. GIDEON has been reviewed in numerous journals and is continually updated to maintain accuracy.



Quantify module is GIDEON’s latest feature. It is an epidemiologic data visualization tool, allowing researchers to mix and match 34,000+ graphs to create their own charts. Compare statistics, discover trends, gain insight!

GIDEON's application epidemiological charts generation feature displayed on a laptop and a mobile phone


Access to the GIDEON ebook series is included in the application for all subscribers.

In addition to maintaining the epidemiological database and a unique, Bayesian analysis-driven toolkit to diagnose diseases and identify pathogens, GIDEON supports a REST API for programmatic data consumption.


Who uses GIDEON?

GIDEON is used in hospitals, universities (undergraduate and medical schools), private practice, public health institutions such as ECDC and WHO, microbiology laboratories, as well as military installations.

Could GIDEON contribute to the success of your organization?

Read case studies, review testimonials, or learn who some of our customers are and discover GIDEON in the press.


Technical requirements

For the best possible user experience, we recommend using the GIDEON application with the latest browser version.

Please note: the new GIDEON application does not run on the Internet Explorer browser, which is currently being phased out by Microsoft and stopped receiving security updates in November 2020. We recommend upgrading to the latest Microsoft Edge browser.