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Fatal Plague in Madagascar

Recent events in Antananarivo highlight the fact that Africa – and particularly Madagascar – have accounted for most of the world’s plague deaths since the 1980’s. See graph of reported plague deaths and graph of rates per 100,000.

Update: Appeared in ProMED, with the following commentary:

Readers should link to the URLs above to observe the reported deaths due to _Yersinia pestis_ from Gideon.

The 1st graph compares worldwide statistics as compared to Africa and as compared to Madagascar. It illustrates that over the years 1994 to 2003, the African continent is the source of most of the world’s reported cases of plague deaths, and since the increased incidence of plague in Madagascar in 1996, a significant percentage of the plague deaths were reported from Madagascar.

The 2nd graph reports plague deaths from 5 African nations, Uganda, Tanzania, Namibia, Congo DR, and Madagascar. In the years 1996-2003, Madagascar reported more deaths than any of the other 4 nations with Congo DR 2nd. In 1996 and 1997, Tanzania reported the 3rd most plague deaths among the 5 nations, but from 1998-2003, Uganda has taken that role. – Mod.LL

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