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ebookcover-150x256GIDEON eBooks complement the GIDEON web application by expanding easy access to GIDEON’s vast content without a subscription or continual internet access. eBooks can be downloaded to a variety of devices and can be read anywhere.

The eBooks are available in PDF format, and summarize the status of individual infectious diseases, drugs, vaccines and pathogens in every country of the world. There are 2 series of texts, organized by country and by disease; and by Therapy and Microbiology.

GIDEON Guides to Infectious Diseases and Microbiology

GIDEON Guide to Antimicrobial Agents

GIDEON Guide to Vaccines

GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Bacteria

GIDEON Guide to Medically Important Yeasts

Try one out by downloading a free sample: Infectious Diseases of Haiti

Also available through ebook distributors EBSCO, Overdrive, ebrary and Google Play.


GIDEON eBooks are an encyclopedia of infectious diseases across countries worldwide. They are continually updated and represent the only texts of their kind. They complement the excellent GIDEON on-line diagnostic tool and are a great addition to a library for those practicing infectious diseases, public health, global health, and even primary care.Journal of Travel Medicine.

I was able to find my way around the information quickly and easily … it is a comprehensive reference book that provides up-to-date accessible information.Microbiology Today

Video: Introduction to GIDEON eBooks

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