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Lets explore our Mongolian Mystery a bit further. You will recall that the most likely diagnosis in this case was plague. Where does this disease occur? Access Diseases from the Infectious Diseases module. Scroll down to the disease in question and click on Distribution. The following screen will appear:

Note that a wealth of epidemiological information is presented, including countries endemic for the disease in question, global status (text screen to the right) or status by country (scroll down through the country names), general features and synonyms.


The Fingerprint option allows you to study the descriptive epidemiology of all infectious diseases using interactive screens. For example, the Mongolian Mystery disease is caused by a bacterium carried by rodents. What other bacterial diseases are carried by rodents? In the upper left box, scroll to Rodent under Reservoir, and Bacterium under agent. As you can see in the box to the lower left, there are 28 rodent-borne bacterial diseases of the world:

You may now ‘ask’ for rodent-borne bacterial diseases spread by fleas (Vector) in Mongolia (Country).