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Setup PubMed links

This feature enables users accessing GIDEON’s references feature that click on the PubMed abstract to access the full text article subscribed by the institution. This feature is in place in case end users weren’t already logged into PubMed using the institution account.

This is how to customize the PubMed references in GIDEON to include the links to subscriber institution in the PubMed abstract if supported by subscriber institution.

To enable this feature:

  1. Login as the administrator for subscriber institution account
  2. Click on account settings
  3. Under PubMed Reference Admin, enter the PubMed strings for “otool” that are unique to subscriber institution. For example, for USC, enter “usclib”
  4. (Optional) For an institution that requires “holding” field – enter this field

See the screenshot for the location of these settings.

Account settings