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GIDEON Microbiology vs Bergey’s manual

Bergey’s Manual is a large and comprehensive textbook, containing all bacteria – human, environmental, animal, plant etc. The text is divided into sections according to taxonomic class and species. Extensive phenotypic data are presented.

GIDEON is more up to date than Bergey’s Manual, since new taxa are added within days of publication. Bergey’s is updated only once every several years.

Being a textbook, Bergey’s Manual cannot accept user input or interactive functions. For example, the reader cannot identify bacteria based on observed phenotypic tests; and must rely on static charts which display algorithms, results for a specific test (Gram + vs. Gram -, Coccus vs. Bacillus, etc.)

Although the reader can ‘Characterize’ a given organism or photocopy relevant text, there is no interactive function which allows comparison of user-selected organisms. GIDEON can be used to both identify and compare any user-selected combination of taxa.

The Microbiology module of GIDEON covers Yeasts in addition to Bacteria and Mycobacteria.

Bergey’s is limited to Microbiology. The Infectious Diseases Module of GIDEON follows the epidemiology and disease-relevance of all pathogens: Clinical features, Therapy, Susceptibility testing, Vaccines, Images, Maps, and Country-specific epidemiology … as well as information on Fungal, Viral and Parasitic diseases.

As a web application, all information in GIDEON can be easily emailed, printed, copied and pasted into PowerPoint.

From our testimonials page:

“With today’s computer literate students, I was looking in the internet for a supplement to Bergey’s Manual of bacteriology, when I came across GIDEON … I currently use GIDEON in two classes, microbiology and a follow-up seminar on emerging infectious disease.” George Bazinet, Professor, Siena College