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Identification Results

The Identification List box displays filtered lists of taxa based upon the reactions and phenotypic characteristics indicated by the user. The accuracy of this is highest when all known positive and negative test results are entered.

The Identification List section automatically updates as you make your selections. It comprises of:

  • Organism – Lists all taxa relevant to selected phenotypic tests, ranked by organism occurrence and likelihood of individual test results (Bayesian analysis).
    Missing test icon Indicates “missed tests”; ie, user-selected phenotypic tests for which no data are published relevant to a specific taxon.
    Click on Organism name to see more information.
    Click on heading to sort taxa list alphabetically.
  • Probability is displayed based on the relative occurrence of individual species in clinical laboratories, as well as the frequency of positivity for each of the reactions chosen.
    Click on Probability heading to sort disease list by probability.
  • Compare Compare phenotypic profiles of two or more taxa by selecting the check boxes next to the listed pathogen. See Microbiology Compare.
  • Why Not Opens Microbiology Why Not. See below.
  • Clear All Clear all checked boxes in the Compare column
  • Print Print Identification Results
  • Email Email Identification Results
  • Save Save Identification Results case (individual subscription only)
  • Open Open Identification Results case (individual subscription only)

Why Not

Occasionally, the organism list will not include a taxon that the user would have considered possible. The Why Not window lets you ask “why” a certain organism isn’t included on the list.

Why Not window displays:

  • Taxa not shown in Identification Results: Lists taxa that are incompatible with phenotypic profile entered.
  • (The taxon) did not appear because you marked: Displays the tests that eliminated the highlighted taxon from consideration.
  • Close Closes the Microbiology Why Not window.