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GIDEON labs is inspired by the former Google labs. These are some of the projects we’ve worked or are working on.


On our quest to enhance access to GIDEON’s content and work on more devices, we created the GIDEON ebook series. Content is available in various ebook formats and doesn’t require a subscription. This project has graduated from our labs. Infectious diseases of Haiti was our first ebook.


Have you ever wondered about how famous people died or what diseases they have? VIPatients (Very Important Patients) is an interactive database for famous people with fatal and non-fatal diseases. It lists the patients by profession, diseases, cause of death and dates of birth and death.

GIDEON web services

We’ve been experimenting with 3rd party access to the GIDEON application. Here are some resources describing our prior work via an XML interface:

Please contact us if you’re interested in API access to GIDEON.