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Vaccines is an interactive encyclopedia of all vaccines used in humans.

The following buttons can be used to search for vaccines associated with specific forms of Toxicity, Contraindications or Trade names.


Lists untoward effects, which may complicate vaccine use.

Note that not all forms of toxicity are equally common among the vaccines listed. GIDEON has attempted to present a comprehensive listing of potential and reported effects. Minor and local effects such as pain on injection and phlebitis are not included.


Lists drugs which may interact with vaccines in-vivo or situations for which specific contraindications apply.

The Contraindications list does not include interference with laboratory tests and reagents. Not all of the interactions listed are common. GIDEON has opted to present a list of all potential and reported interactions. In many cases, data regarding contraindication in pregnancy are based on animal studies or theoretical considerations only.

Trade Names

Lists trade names of vaccines that can be selected to find corresponding generic name.

The use of any drug or vaccine during pregnancy must consider all alternatives, potential risks and benefits to the specific patient.

The following informational tabs can be found in the right-hand column:


General tab reviews the mechanism of vaccine action and dosage of the selected vaccine.

  • Mechanism of action
  • Typical adult dosage
  • Typical pediatric dosage
  • Subsequent booster

For example, selecting Anthrax displays

The dosages listed represent “typical” regimens for patients with normal renal and hepatic function, and may not be applicable to a specific patient. Pediatric dosage schedules do not necessarily apply to infants.


Warnings tab includes two lists:

  • Toxic Effects: Lists toxic effects associated with the vaccine in question. The list is comprehensive, and individual forms of toxicity may not necessarily be common for any given vaccine.
  • Contraindications: Lists contraindications to use of the selected vaccine.

For example, selecting Anthrax displays:

Trade Names

Trade Names tab lists the proprietary (trade) names of the vaccine.

For example, selecting Anthrax displays:
Anthrax trade names

Personal Notes

On the bottom right side of the screen is the  window. The user can enter notes that will be kept as part of the permanent record. The notes can be modified or deleted and they appear in the report. For Institutional users, these notes may be altered only by administrator.

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