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Travax vs GIDEON

Shoreland Travax is an extensive system designed for travel advice and information on relevant diseases. Travax is not used in the production of GIDEON.
(This article is not comparing GIDEON to NHS Travax which quotes GIDEON.)

The total number of Infectious Diseases, and text regarding country-specific epidemiology are more extensive in GIDEON. Some of the more exhaustive country-specific notes include those for Malaria in China, Japanese encephalitis in India, Coccidioidomycosis in the United States.
Unlike GIDEON, Travax supplies a listing of hospitals, consular resources and other local contact information. GIDEON does not deal with non-infectious travel-related conditions (jet-lag, altitude sickness, etc) and does not generate customized pre-travel reports.

“Post-travel” diagnosis is a key function of Travel Medicine. A unique module of GIDEON is designed for diagnosis support in patients who acquire diseases during travel. Travax does not offer a similar feature. In the Diagnosis module a user first indicates Country visited, Signs and symptoms, Timing (dates of travel related to disease incubation period), Animal and food exposure and Laboratory test results. A ranked differential diagnosis list is generated with extensive links which describe each disease and its status in the specified country.

Most of the other GIDEON modules are not relevant to Travel Medicine, and are not included in Travax: Antibiotic Pharmacology, Antibiotic Pharmacology Microbiology, Disease Incidence Graphs (over 35,000) and Disease Images. GIDEON contains a larger number of Disease Images and Maps. Details of Vaccine usage and Travel-related drugs are more extensive in Travax; while the total number of Drugs and Vaccines covered by GIDEON is more extensive.

The Travel module in GIDEON has features which are not found in Travax. In the following screen shots, Nigeria is selected (lower left box). Data in the right box includes the standard immunization schedule for that country, and a graph summarizing WHO estimates for relevant vaccine coverage among Nigerians.

The lower image is a listing of potential travel-related diseases for which information on Nigeria is available; and the year for most recent outbreak for key diseases (ie, ongoing outbreaks of Cholera and Lassa fever)

GIDEON includes country-specific outbreak tables for every disease (over 23,000) with extensive detail regarding case numbers, deaths, specific population, disease vehicle and linked references. Similar tables follow all published disease/pathogen prevalence surveys (over 65,000) Outbreak charts in many cases date to the 19th century, or earlier. Travax allows users to search outbreaks for a relatively small number of diseases over the previous two years.

Another feature not available in Travax is a series of 421 e-books with a title for each country / disease. Most of these are one-of-a-kind and all are updated yearly. GIDEON users can access the complete series by clicking the e-books tab.